Services and Programs

Our beautiful setting enables the participant to relax and enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling day.

When the mind is stimulated 
in a nurturing environment wonderful things can happen.

At Mt. Hood Adult Day Center it is our goal to allow our participants to remain as independent as possible, while working together to encourage  a secure and supportive environment.

Mt. Hood Adult Day Center  provides opportunities for socialization, emotional support, physical advancements, intellectual stimulation and spiritual growth.

We work with the whole family, to ensure each participant has an individual action plan to enable them to function at the height of their capabilities.

Mt. Hood Adult Day Center is designed to assist families living in the Portland area and caring for both physically and mentally impaired  loved ones.
Whether a full day or just the afternoon, our programs are designed to fit your needs. We’re open Monday - Saturday. Our afternoon Therapy Program runs from 11am—3pm and targets the specific needs of those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. 

Our services are approximately 1/4 the cost of an assisted living facility and 1/3 the cost of home health care.  

We feature engaging leisure activities: Hobby Club, Cooking Club, Quilting Circles, The Solarium for our gardeners, The Electric Train Club, Daily Devotional and Happy Hour are all focused on fun to activate the mind and body.

As a matter of principal and policy,  your first days visit is free of chargeWe are confident that you’ll be back when you experience our dedication to a safe and enriching day center.

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